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Glass Break

Burglary Detection

Receive a notification the second an alarm is triggered. 1. Instant Vivint Live Talk with emergency personnel 2. Glass break detection 3. Motion, door, & window sensors for entry detection 4. 24/7 monitoring


Smoke Alarm

Protection from fire accidents that detects a kitchen flame or smoke and makes you aware by beeping an alarm 1. Wireless communication 2. Battery powered 3. Built-in transmitter 4. Protects 35 feet around its radius 5. Battery condition reports 6. Works during power outages 7. Emergency button 8. Smoke detector alarm What happens during a fire?


Smart Locks

Use your phone to wirelessly lock or unlock the doors to your home. 1. Mobile lock access 2. Alerts & notifications 3. Protection against unauthorized entry 4. Front door control 5. Three neutral finish options including satin nickel, polished brass, and venetian bronze. Why Do I Need It? 1. Smart Locks are easy to use.


Medical Pendant

Get the peace you deserve knowing there is help there at all time. 1.Medical Alert Button 2. Mobile Freedom a range of 100ft 3. 24/7 Help When Needed


Smart Garage Door Controller

Garage Door Control

Your garage door can now be locked from your phone. 1. Mobile access 2. Sensor Alerts & notifications 3. Complete security with Controller 4. Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener